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Clean and Easy Waxing


♥ Non-irritating, calming and soothing wax

♥ Quick and easy to apply and clean-up

♥ Perfect layer of wax applied each time with no dripping

Waxing Mobile Beauty by Lizzie

Waxing is available for the body and face, with no dripping and virtually no clean up, this is the perfect waxing system for home treatments. Have beautiful, smooth skin with none of the mess of traditional waxing. Waxing treatments including full leg and bikini waxing are carried out on a professional massage bed and every care is taken to create a comfortable and relaxing experience.

Clean + Easy is a fantastic roll on waxing system, formulated with a blend of non-irritating waxes which contain pine rosins and beeswax. Removing hair from the root underneath the skin, not just the surface, means the hair takes longer to grow back. Results can last up to 6 weeks and repetitive treatments cause the hair to grow back softer and finer over time.

Lip or Chin


Lip and Chin


Under arms


1/2 Leg


Full Leg




Clean + Easy Wax is gently heated before use. To maintain high levels of hygiene a new roller head is used for each client. Before treatment, skin is treated with Clean + Easy Pre-Wax Cleanser and Lavender Moisture Absorbent Powder. Three wax types are available to suit different skin types.

Original Wax

A blend of natural waxes, this all-purpose wax is ideal for all skin types.

Sensitive Wax

With chamomile and azulene to soothe skin, perfect for individuals with sensitive skin.

Hemp Wax

With anti-inflammatory hemp seed oil, ideal for dry and sensitive skin for facial and body waxing.

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