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For back, neck and shoulder, full body, face and scalp


♥ Alleviates areas of tension

♥ Promotes relaxation and well-being

♥ Pressure adapted to suit the individual

Massages Mobile Beauty by Lizzie

Infinity Beauty use carefully selected massage oils and various techniques of Swedish Massage to warm up muscle tissue, release and alleviate tension and gradually break up muscle “knots”. Promoting relaxation and well-being, Swedish Massage is a versatile technique that can be adapted to your individual needs. Pressure can range from gentle to firm for those requiring a deeper tissue massage. Massages are carried out on a professional massage bed and every care is taken to create a soothing, comfortable and relaxing experience.

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

Treatment time approx. 30 minutes.


Full Body Massage

Treatment time approx. 1 hour.


Luxury Full Body Massage (including face and scalp)

Treatment time approx. 1 hour and 15 minutes.



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